Monday 9.15 – 10.45

A gentle yet rejuvenating Hatha yoga class  162-166 High Street, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 3AP. For more info and to book please visit http://www.bayoga.co.uk/

Wednesday 11.00 – 12.00

A gentle yet rejuvenating Hatha yoga class Sequoia/Luxury Spa Resort/ The Grove Hotel, Hertfordshire https://www.thegrove.co.uk/spa/    

Friday 12.00-1.00

A gentle yet rejuvenating Hatha yoga class Everyone Active Berkhamsted, Lagley Meadow, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 3QQ. Tel 01442 507100 https://www.everyoneactive.com/centre/berkhamsted-leisure-centre/

Class Descriptions

A Gentle and rejuvenating Hatha yoga class

Breath awareness, freedom of movement and meditation all hold equal value during class. Flexibility and body strength will improve and your sense of playfulness sparked as we challenge ourselves to try something new. Allow yourself the time to restore, to enjoy deep relaxation, to cultivate inner wellbeing and a sense of calm.

Men and Women Welcome. All levels of experience welcome.
£60 for 6 week course, or £12 drop in.


Kids yoga in Schools for Years 1-6

These classes are designed to introduce your little ones to the world of yoga. They offer an opportunity for children to experience yoga and mindfulness through play, creativity and spontaneity.

Classes are designed around traditional yoga poses with a strong emphasis on personal expression, creative imagination and the joy and freedom of movement.

Your child will be offered the space to ‘just be’ without any expectations and experience enjoyment in their own bodies.

Movement, breathing techniques, and relaxation will play a strong part in each session. Yoga is a physical practice that has multiple benefits, even for little ones. My goals are to inspire your children, allow them to feel free in body and mind, happy, stretched, still and relaxed and hopefully plant a seed for a life long yoga and meditation practice.




For more information or to book - www.sardiniayoga.com

How does a break in the sun doing yoga on the beach front sound?
Rachel is delighted to announce she will be joining the Sardinia Yoga team for the 3rd consecutive year. Two Holidays with Rachel are on offer this year - the first in Croatia in July followed by Sardinia in September.

Croatia - Hotel Mlini, Mlini Village just off Dubrovnik

7th - 14th July 2018

Croatia Yoga
Croatia Yoga
Croatia Yoga
Croatia Yoga

Sardinia - Grand Hotel Porto Cervo

8th - 15th September 2018

Yoga Sardinia


Sardinia Yoga
Sardinia Yoga
Sardinia Yoga
Sardinia Yoga
Sardinia Yoga

What Is Yoga?

Hatha Yoga’s roots stem from the Tantric tradition which opened the door to the recognition that the body could be used as a vehicle to enlightenment. It was the time of Alchemy – transmuting base metals into gold and alchemy was one of the main influences behind Hatha Yoga.  Whilst practicing Hatha yoga won’t turn your body and mind into gold it will (through continued practice) transform you and offer many physiological and therapeutic benefits. Through practicing asana (the postures) you will build strength, stamina, increase muscle tone and bone density, increase flexibility and nourish the internal organs, promoting healthy cell regeneration.  Through practicing pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation the body can relax and restore, the nervous system can rebalance and feelings of stress or anxiety reduce and you will promote a sense of inner well-being.


There are many different schools of yoga but they are all in agreement that we should nurture and seize every opportunity to seek spiritual understanding and self transformation. The physical benefits of yoga become apparent relatively quickly but through continued practice, the inner self transformation begins and the subsequent sense of ease and acceptance of situations that yoga can bring is unsurpassed. The realizations that come from yoga can help us live more meaningful and focused lives as we learn to become kinder to ourselves and those around us.




About Rachel

Rachel has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and teaching since 2012. She completed her preliminary foundation year with The British Wheel and is grateful to have completed her teacher training at one of Europe’s leading Yoga Schools – TriYoga. Rachel is fully recognised and accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga, the Yoga Alliance USA and REP level 3. Her teaching has been under the skillful guidance of Mimi Kuo Deemer and Jean Hall who are amongst some of the most highly respected international teachers in their field. Rachel continues to learn and be inspired by wonderful teachers and has taken workshops and classes (to name a few) Liz Lark, David Garrigues, Sally Craig and Cathy Haworth. Like many people, her practice started as a way to keep fit, build stamina and increase flexibility. Then in 2011 that changed… life had a lot to say and yoga was the clearest voice in the room. Through her training and her daily self-practice Rachel found a greater inner strength that served her and continues to serve. Rachel teaches both vinyasa flow and restorative yoga with that voice – compassionate, clear, calm with an open heart and with a little humor too.


Beach Yoga
Rachel doing a handstand
sunset yoga
Green Smoothie
chin mudra
yoga study

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Yoga Sardinia

Sardinia Yoga – 17th-24th September 2016

How does beach front yoga in Sardinia sound? Rachel is delighted to announce she will be joining the team at Sardinia Yoga this September offering guests a daily 2 hour […]

Yoga and Mindfulness for children

In June 2016 Rachel completed and passed her training to teach yoga and mindfulness to children under the skillful guidance of Jo Manuel at Special Yoga in London. Rachel will be announcing […]

Plan B

Yoga and Fitness Holiday in Spain

May 2016 Habibi Yoga and Plan B Escapes joined together to host a yoga and fitness holiday in the mountains just south of Barcelona. 5 day of yoga, fitness, relaxation, […]

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Simply great! …

…Inspirational, challenging and rewarding…

Rachel’s voice can relax one in seconds.

Classes are structured but seamless.


I’ve been lucky enough to do both private sessions with Rachel and group flow.  She has a lovely calm manner, very spiritual, with a relaxing tone to her voice, yet she knows all about muscle groups and how not to bend.

She never fails to make me feel a fantastic combination of relaxed and energised and I can’t wait for my next session.

Jane Eakhurst

I have noticed a huge improvement to my back and neck since I started going to Rachel’s yoga classes and I’m getting fit too!!


I love going to Rachel’s classes, they are very calm and relaxing, the atmosphere is great and it is a great way to keep fit and supple too.


Rachel’s class is like a touch of heaven each week. The class is dynamic, flowing between lots of deep stretching, core work and gently building up to a new challenging pose each week. Rachel has a very supportive, calm style of teaching and I always love her words and extracts of inspiration and thought. The relaxation at the start and end of the session leaves you feeling thoroughly energised and set up for the day. Rachel is a great teacher and I feel lucky to have found her to teach and support me on my yoga journey.

Alex Hammond

As a complete novice, I didn’t know what to expect, if I’d like it… What I learnt first is that I don’t even breathe well! Getting in touch with my breathe has made a massive difference in all aspects of my life, it is truly life-enhancing.

Rachel has a natural empathy and compassion for her clients in achieving their unique personal best and striving for inner happiness. Rachel shines and inspires

Bex Plenderleith

Rachel’s yoga class is the highlight of my week. Rachel is an amazing teacher who brings a sense of fun and a wonderful positive energy to the class. I always feel uplifted, calm and focused after my practice, it has really have changed my whole outlook on life.

Helen James

Rachel’s yoga class is an oasis in our busy lives, her carefully guided yoga sessions are well thought out and delivered with the utmost care and attention to detail.  Rachel’s demonstrations are an inspiration and I am regularly walking away up lifted and rebalanced in mind, body and spirit

Caz Devine

I love Rachel’s classes. She puts a lot of thought and preparation into each class which is themed. Rachel is great at making the poses as gentle or challenging as you can manage and always gives a clear explanation of what the movements and poses require. The classes are small and have a supportive atmosphere. Most of all they’re fun and leave you feeling relaxed

Katherine Brookes Duncan

Rachel is an excellent teacher and makes me feel welcome, motivated and supported in her classes.  She walks the talk with calm, professionalism and a serenity perfectly suited to helping her students focus on their practise.

I wish that she was teaching in London!

Rachel Bamber, London

I would thoroughly recommend Rachel at Habibi Yoga to anyone for any level. I have been attending her classes (groups and 1-2-1’s) for 18 months and I always leave feeling accomplished and energised. She mixes up each lesson to keep them interesting and gently encourages you to push yourself, until you are amazed at what you can achieve. Her nature is so calming that you couldn’t help but unwind the second you walk through the door.

Holly Green

There we were, two 60 year olds, nervously awaiting our first private yoga lesson. Was this a mistake? Could we do it? Would we break! Should we take up bowls? No need to have worried. We were hooked. Rachel was calm, encouraging and sensitive to our needs. Her soothing voice and clear instruction took us through that first hour, leaving us relaxed and restored in mind, body and spirit. Couldn’t wait for the next session.  Thank you Rachel!

Jane Mcllwaine

My friend and I, both sixty, had ten private lessons with Rachel as neither of us had done yoga for years. Rachel began gently but we soon learned some of the basics and found that our flexibility and ability to achieve the positions improved. Her calm and clear delivery made the sessions relaxing, sometimes challenging, but always enjoyable.

Having had private lessons, we joined a weekly class. Although there are some positions and sequences which are always part of the class, each week is varied with different themes and poses which build and develop the skills. I can honestly say that I feel two inches taller after a class and feel much more supple and energised! Relaxation is an integral part of each class and it is surprising how you can shut out the rest of the world and focus on yourself for a while!

Rachel is a great teacher who has great understanding and a passion for yoga. She encourages everyone and, with support and often humour, everyone can manage to do things they perhaps never thought they could!

Sue Nicholls

I can’t tell you how much my private yoga sessions meant to me, having started them during a challenging time in my life they were the perfect antidote to stress & promoted the self care healing power of yoga for the body & mind.

Rachel’s classes transcend the physical and are blissful, allowing you to feel completely safe as she guides you through the poses.  I would strongly recommend taking some private sessions with her, if you’re starting practising they are the perfect way to connect with the correct way of developing that practice or if you’re more advanced she tailors the class to your level to move you forward to new beginnings

Tanya Jones, Designer

I did Rachel’s Restorative Yoga course at a time when the stresses of everyday life were becoming almost unbearable. This, coupled with a year-old severe disc problem in my lower back, meant that I started the first class thinking, ‘This will never work.’  But it did. Rachel was brilliant at adapting the poses that hurt my back, and one pose in particular practically sent me to another dimension! It was almost as if I was dreaming, but still awake. Just incredibly calming and relaxing. I can’t thank her enough.

Ali Cronin

Rachel’s class, once a week, gives me time to just stop and be, whilst improving both physical and mental health. Rachel herself is lovely with a calming, caring nature which makes for a beautiful practice.

Amanda Hardy